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AEFB Front inkl. Logo

We can do many things - and what we do, we do well, because the automobile is much more than just a means of transportation for us. It is our great passion.

For private and business customers, choosing Drive&Fun means having a flexible, reliable and professional partner at their side. From driver training and vehicle presentation to incentives or events, from concept to implementation, from overseas at Lake Chiemsee to overseas in America - we will gladly take care of the location and hotel as well as all the other details: invitations, transportation, celebrity guests, staff, catering, supporting program, and photo and video documentation.



Those who think they can drive a car are ready for our High Performance Training. Because what modern cars (or powerful old- and youngtimers) can actually achieve, you will hardly ever experience in everyday life. We change that. For sure.



To go from driving to drifting a car is similar to take babys from swimming to cliff diving. So you should already have some driving experience to take the next big step. But then you will find out: Windscreens are totally overrated and even the smallest side windows can hold a blissful smile.



A world-class mountaineer was once asked why he absolutely wanted to climb all 14 eight-thousanders of the earth. His answer: "Because they are there." Petrolheads might give the same answer to the question why they love race tracks. And we have the key to the entrance.



1:1 - this is the formula to predict your success, just you and your personal instructor. For those who are satisfied with nothing less than maximum effect possible.



Driving sideways in a different way - whether ramp, wave or interlocking track - our new modular off-road course reveals the potential of your vehicle and takes you to the peak of vehicle control. A tightrope walk on the variously shaped surfaces takes you to the limits of physics. With the wheels constantly losing contact with the ground, you balance your vehicle precisely over the course and climb up, down and along steep slopes.